EuroCarry Bike Carrier
EuroCarry Fahrradträger

EuroCarry Bike Carrier

Euro Carry Euro Carry
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For attachment to the tailgate.

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409,90 EUR
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Professional installation at an InterCaravaning installation partner in your area. Conclusion of contract and Payment for installation is made at the InterCaravaning partner.
* (These are the costs of a standard installation by the InterCaravaning installation partners based on the experience of InterCaravaning Freizeit GmbH. These costs may vary depending on the installation partner. These costs do not include any delays or complications in the installation, which can arise from extensions, damage or special features of your vehicle. You and the InterCaravaning installation partner decide on this when concluding the contract.)
170,00 EUR*
11 kg / Stück
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EuroCarry Bike Carrier

The basic carrier can be used as a high loader with a loading height of 1.5 m or with the optionally available lighting strip as a low loader with a loading height of 1 m.

136756 00 M1 20 FAN  (458.01K) 136758 00 M1 20 FAN  (396.44K) EuroCarry-DucatoJumperBoxer Montage  (458.62K)
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Art.-Nr.: 136/746
Material: aluminium
Scope of Delivery: 4 tyre holders, 4 lashing straps, 2 bike rails, 2 fastening claws, 2 clamping rails
Year of Construction: 2006 –
Vehicle Model: Citroën Jumper, Fiat Ducato Type 250/290, Peugeot Boxer
Colour: silver
Max. Load: 35 kg
Max. Bikes: 2
Dimensions (W x D x H): 139 × 57 × 134 cm
Weight: 11 kg