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Sleeping bags and rectangular sleeping bags for well-rested campers

If you are planning on purchasing a new sleeping bag or rectangular sleeping bag, you should first think about what you are going to use it for. Rectangular sleeping bags like the Campion Lux Double from Outwell have an outer cover made of 190T microfibre polyester and are thus nearly watertight. The temperatures to be expected during outdoor holidays also play a decisive role when you go to purchase a double sleeping bag or a mummy sleeping bag. Your safest b‍et is a three-season sleeping bag, which is suitable for temperatures as low as -5 degrees. The Campion Lux Double will keep you warm even at extreme temperatures of -16 degrees. Much like a mummy sleeping bag from Redwood’s three-season mummy sleeping bag series, which remains insulated and thus warms you even when moist thanks to its high-performance fibre filling. This kind of fibre creates air pockets in the lining, and they help retain heat. Rectangular sleeping bags are for summery (or less wintry) temperatures since their forms are more open and roomy than those of two- or three-season mummy sleeping bags. Not only does their body-hugging form promise better insulation; because less material is used, they also weigh a bit less. The form of rectangular sleeping bags also makes it possible to use them as comfortable bed covers. The rectangular sleeping bags from Campion and Contour can be opened up completely. Since they narrow down less than Hyperion mummy sleeping bags, you won’t get cold feet, even if you move a bit more.

If you go on a tour with your sleeping bag on your back, you’ll also know to value the low weight of the top models at The new Hyperion Light mummy sleeping bag, for instance, weighs only 800 g, while the Hyperion M two-season mummy sleeping bag weighs 1.175 kg and the three-season mummy sleeping bag from Redwood weighs in at 1.7 kg. The Campion Lux Double rectangular sleeping bag weighs 2.5 kg, though bear in mind that it is intended for two people with its width of 140 cm. On the other hand, the models from Hyperion withstand extreme temperatures of -13 degrees; the Light sleeping bag is no longer a good choice for temperatures below -4 degrees. Depending on the shape of your body and sleeping behaviour, the fit of the hood and the iso collar play a role when you s‍elect a mummy sleeping bag. This has less to do with insulation than comfort. Rectangular sleeping bags like the ones from Campion or the contour models from Outwell available at have underblankets with incorporated pillows, at any rate.

If you are sleeping in a heated caravan or motor home or in a hut, you will need to give not only the insulation properties but also the choice of textile greater consideration. Sweat from the inside, moisture from the outside – premium rectangular sleeping bags like the Campion Lux or the Contour from Outwell have a skin-friendly, breathable inside lining, as do the season sleeping bags from Redwood. The fill material of most sleeping bags is also made of modern PES, so washing and drying are not a problem, either.

Are you still afraid of the cold, or are you going on an outdoor or trekking tour in the winter just this once? Play it safe and o‍rder a sleeping bag warmer from Heat with a long-lasting warming duration of up to 20 hours at

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