Air-Conditioning Systems

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Air-conditioning systems for motor homes and caravans

These days, hardly anyone goes on a camping holiday any more without an air-conditioning system in their caravan or motor home. Because it is hard to get a good sleep when it is hot without air-conditioning systems especially designed for travel, like the air-conditioning system Aventa comfort from Truma, you can find this product and others at Our range of products also features the popular air-conditioning systems from Dometic from the Dometic FreshJet, FreshLight and FreshWell series.

Roof air-conditioning systems for motor homes and caravans

In just an hour, many roof air-conditioning systems for caravans and motor homes, like the Truma Aventa comfort, can lower the temperature in vehicles by 10 degrees. With 2400 watts, the Aventa comfort is the most powerful model from the manufacturer and thus falls short of the Dometic FreshJet 3200. Due to its size, however, caravans or motor homes where this product is used should be at least 7 m long. A more compact model that is considerably lighter is the Dometic FreshJet 2200. The Dometic FreshJet 1700 saves even more space and fits in vehicles under 6 m long. The compact air-conditioning systems from Truma are called Truma Aventa compact and Truma Aventa compact plus and have 1700 and 2200 watts, respectively.

But power is not the only thing that counts, since you will lose a roof window in your motor home or caravan if you retrofit it with a Dometic FreshJet or Truma Aventa air-conditioning system. If you do not want that to happen, opt for the Dometic FreshLight 2200, a roof air-conditioning system with an integrated roof window. The Dometic FreshJet and the Dometic FreshLight models can both cool and heat. Among Truma’s products, only the Truma Aventa comfort has this feature.

Another important issue is the starting current. If the system suddenly switches to full power, that can very well cause the fuse to quickly burn or discharge the on-board battery, since the power supply at camping grounds tends to fluctuate. General power consumption is then not as energy critical. To avoid problems like these, the larger Dometic FreshJet 2200 and Dometic FreshJet 3200 have what is known as a soft start function installed. The Truma Aventa comfort needs far less than the protected 6 amperes to start up, anyway.

With the air-conditioning systems Truma Aventa Saphir compact and Truma Saphir comfort, as well as the Dometic FreshWell, the two best-known manufacturers of air-conditioning systems for motor homes also offer devices that can be installed in storage boxes – and we sell them at The Truma Saphir compact is the smallest of its kind, measuring 560 x 400 x 290 mm (lxwxh), but it still has 1800 watts. The Truma Saphir comfort RC is only a little larger and already has 2400 watts. In comparison to the roof air-conditioning systems, the storage box air-conditioning systems require considerably less starting current and thus only three protected amperes. In every regard, the air-conditioning system Dometic FreshWell 3000 is more powerful for storage boxes in motor homes and caravans, even though it generates “only” 2700 watts of cooling power, not 3000. However, that is still enough to cool vehicles up to 8 m in length down to pleasant temperatures.

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