Thetford N4175 A
Thetford N4175A

Thetford N4175 A

34 829
Thetford Thetford
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Available either as automatic version with Touch-Control-LCD or electrical version with LED.
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Thetford N4175 A

The evolved 4-piece refrigerator series by Thetford jumps a few steps ahead in the way of user-friendliness: the devices are now equipped with an automatic power selection. Thanks to the intelligent, patented electronics, a self-regulating power supply is secured, meaning you can be assured of permanent cooling. And the refrigerators are CI-bus capable - they can be controlled via the central vehicle display. Moreover, the series is available in 2 versions: the electric LED version N4000 E+ and the comfort version N4000 with Touch Control LCD. For installing situations with little space in its width, there is the slim, but very spacious version N4142.


  • Automatic power selection
  • 2 door shapes: flat and curvy
  • CI-bus connectivity standard
  • Ready-to-connect for 12 / 230 V and gas (30 mbar)
  • First-class cooling performance
  • 3 years warranty
  • Door hinge right and left interchangeable
  • Interior illumination
  • Energy type and error display
  • Electric ignition and gas valve
  • Diagnosis display with error code
  • Versions N3145 A, N3150 A and N3175 A with separate door for freezer compartment

Additional for the N4000 A series:

Large and wide touchscreen operation with clear symbols, after using the operation panel, the display fades slowly.

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Art.-Nr.: 34 829
Alignment: Türanschlag links
Model: N4175 A
Type: LCD
LED: –
ø Gas Consumption (at 25°C): 420 g/24h
ø Electric Consumption (at 25°C): 4 kWh/24h
Nominal Voltage: (AC) 230 V, (DC) 12 V
Operating Pressure: 30 mbar
Gross Volume: 175 l
Freezer Compartment: 31 l
Connection Value 12 V: 205 W
Connection Value 230 V: 240 W
Wheel Arch Model: –
Consumption: 22.9 g/h
Dimensions (W x D x H): 52.5 × 62.8 × 124.5 cm
Weight: 39.5 kg