EXIDE Battery Charger 12/7
Batterieladegerät EXIDE 12/7

EXIDE Battery Charger 12/7

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Modern chargers for all types of batterie

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EXIDE Battery Charger 12/7

EXIDE chargers are suitable for all battery types (Gel, AGM, Wet-Cell). Benefit of the total experience of one of the world's leading battery manufacturers.

  • Fully automated chargers for lead-acid batteries (car, motorbike, boat, motorhomes and agricultural machines)
  • Adapts to the charging profile of the battery technology (GEL/AGM/Standard Wet-Cell) and battery capacity (Ah)
  • Integrated temperature sensor that measures the ambient temperature and therefore prevents overcharging
  • Spark guard against polarity inversion or defective batteries
  • Built-in hand lamp, helpful when connecting clamps to the battery in the dark
  • Specially designed clamps for easy and quick connection to the battery
  • Includes an additional cable for permanent installation

Suitable for up to 150 Ah

Specifically designed for Gel, AGM and Lead-Acid batteries. With automatic 5 step charging profile. Mains adapter mode for charge maintenance and voltage maintenance in stand-by mode.

322106 00 B2 20 FAN  (136.51K) EXIDE-127-Bedienung-instruction  (592.63K)
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Art.-Nr.: 322/106
Type: 12/7
Output Voltage: 12 V
Nominal Voltage: (AC) 230 V
Nominal Current: 7 A
Charging Current: 7 A
Dimensions (W x D x H): 50 × 50 × 225 mm
Pack Size: 299 × 118 × 117 mm
Weight: 500 g